Founded on 1997

The main products are rare earth-doped YAG, Alexandrite, mixed garnets, scintillators such as LuYAP, LD physicians, solid state laser bars and optical components (lenses, windows, cavity-mirrors, samarium filters, flow tubes, and cavity), and ophthalmic optics. The applications are geared towards the laser industry market, medical imaging and treatment, renewable energies, space and LIDAR atmospheric, safety, and scientific research.


The Perfect Location

Located in the industrial area of Trotolì less than one kilometre from the port of Arbatax in the center of the Mediterranean, considered the gate of Europe.

Our Staff

Pier Giorgio Lorrai

General Manager

  • +39 0782 622157
  • +39 393 9720901

Mirco Lorrai

Business Agent

  • +39 0782 622157
  • +39 346 7202303

Maurizio Lorrai

Security Manager

  • +39 0782 622157
  • +39 320 5580137


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